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Weeding and Disinfection of soils with steam, - without using chemical products !
Steam - a healthy and natural method !

The principle is easy:
Heat the soil until a maximum of parasites are killed, but keep useful micro-organisms alive.

The SIMOX steam generator produces overheated steam at 180°C, which is canalized through flexible hoses to cloche covers equipped with nozzles or under special steam plastic sheets (the soil has been ploughed and milled in advance). In this way, the steam can penetrate into the soil naturally by saturation and heat it up to 90°C at the desired depth.

Disinfection with Cloche cover
Disinfection with plastic sheets

Benefits of steam disinfection:

No more need for chemical products.
100 % Weed-effective: steam, injected in the soil “boils” the roots and seeds of weeds.
Complete destruction of insects, larvae and particularly pathogenic seed of cryptogamic diseases.
No toxic residue, neither in the soil, nor in harvested products.
No waste of time : growing can start right after steam disinfection!
Faster plant growing thanks to the treatment of heat and humidity.
Beneficial effect on the health of the plants : better root system, superior chlorophyll content, regularity and luxuriance of vegetation.


SIMOX Accessories

Mobile Disinfection Cloche Cover With lever for handling type P.O.L. (lateral wheels)
• Ask for your measurements
• Galvanised steel frame 15/10
• Rust-proof aluminium cover
Semi-Mobile Disinfection Cloche Cover type B.D.R. (front roll)
• Ask for your measurements
• Galvanised steel frame 15/10
• Rust-proof aluminium cover
Mechanized Disinfection cloche cover
• Desinged for disinfection in open fields or large greenhouses
• Sizes available: 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12m²
• Easy to lift and to move
• Ask for your measurements
• Entirely demountable
• Galvanised steel frame 15/10
• Rust-proof aluminium cover

Sterilization sheeting
• Manufactured from : 1000 DTX – 500g/m² plastic
• Lifespan : more than 10 years
• Made to measure for clients specific requirements

Tipping trailer for compost disinfection
Measurements: ¼ of m3; ½ of m3; 1m3
Sheet Roller for sterilization sheeting
• Greatly reduces sheet application time
• Improves working life of plastic sheets
• Practical solution for storage of plastic sheet

• Thermometers for temperature control of the disinfected soil   (depths of 100, 200 or 400 mm)
• Water tank
• Generator for autonomous working
• Magnetic anti calcareous device (mounted on the steam boiler)
Mobile fuel tank (oil/diesel)
• Robust metal chassis
• Pneumatic tires
• « Jockey » leveling wheel at the front
• Capacity : 1000L or 2000L

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