Production of Warm Concrete during winter time
 De-icing and thawing of aggregates
 Generating Hot Water needed in concrete production
 Steam curing of Prefabricated concrete elements (for faster removal of casings)

Benefits of Warm Concrete

Economical aspects:
Concrete production the whole year through, even in winter time.
SIMOX GENERATORS considerably reduce time between making concrete and the removal of casings (1/2 to 5/6).
Example concrete constructions : removal of casings is already possible the next day.
Example concrete elements (kerbstones, flaggings etc.): moulds can be removed up to 3 x a day.

Quality aspects:
Even quality
Warm concrete improves the hardening processes.

De-icing / Thawing of aggregates

The steam is brought:
Directly in the bottom of silos, or
By means of special lances which are plunged in the aggregates wherever they are stocked.
Steam effectively has a calorific exchange power which is superior to heated air.

Generating hot mixing water

The best way to produce warm concrete is by both,
heating aggregates
AND using hot mixing water, which can be supplied by SIMOX Hot Water Generators.
This combination allows an optimal regulation of calorific input between the aggregates and the mixing water. Thus you obtain concrete at a temperature superior to 15°C, even during cold winters.

Steam curing of prefabricated concrete elements (for faster removal of casings)
Moulds of concrete elements (kerbstones, flaggings etc.) can be removed up to 3 x a day
Increasing quality and resistance of concrete elements
SIMOX generators bring heat under the mould table/bed.

SIMOX Steam Generators and Hot Water Generators can be installed:
In stationary or mobile concrete mixing plants
In horizontal or vertical silos
Where aggregates are stocked (with special lances)
Combined or Individually : Steam Generator only or Steam Generator combined with the Hot Water Generator.


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