Stop chemical weeding !
POLYVAP, - the solution for 100% ecological weeding !


POLYVAP is a perfectly autonomous system of urban weeding using steam exclusively. It replaces chemical herbicides.

The weed cells are destroyed at 70 – 80°C. With POLYVAP, the parasite vegetation is immediately surrounded by steam at more than 150°C. A few seconds later the cells burst and provoke the destruction of weeds and mosses.

These autonomous units solve various problems which urban authorities face throughout the year:
Weeding along roads, alleys, sideways, urban green spaces, cemeteries, parks, parking lots, playgrounds, etc.
Weeding and disinfection of soils before seeding or replanting: green houses, flower beds etc.,…
Weeding and disinfection of soils and composts.
Complete destruction of moss.
Disinfection of sand boxes (playgrounds), public toilets,…

Important note:

POLYVAP has poor water consumption (POLYVAP 2000 : 60 litres/h maximum).
POLYVAP is perfectly autonomous and can be used anywhere : weeding is possible even on uneven ground.
Thanks to its multi purpose functionality and its reliability, POLYVAP guarantees a fast return on investment.
POLYVAP can be equipped with burners using vegetable oil.


 POLYVAP: Efficient and precise

adjacent plantations remain undamaged


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